The Big Picture

We look at the whole job, from the ground up. For example, pretty flower beds won’t last if your those beds don’t drain correctly. Do you have gutters? This affects planting and bed construction. How does your yard drain? This affects bed location and turf installation. Like a house, if the slab is off, so is the rest of the structure. Your yard is the same.


Completely amazed!

Craig, you will recall what a challenge the job presented after the construction of my new home. Your approach to analyze the site step by step and develop a design that was appropriate to the house was impressive to say the least. I watched with complete amazement as you and Matt transformed this challenge in to the best looking yard in my subdivision!

While I thanked you in person, somehow that is not enough to properly express my appreciation for the outstanding landscaping.

Now and then I meet people who clearly enjoy their profession. Most often this is due to the fact that they enjoy what they do everyday. I don't know how you assembled such a talented group of folks all of whom are professional and obviously enjoy what they do.

In a few words, you and Matt are two of the most professional business people I have ever met. You absolutely didn't miss a single detail. That includes your quality plan, attention to detail, professional employees and outstanding follow up after the job.

Most of all, I met two fine and dedicated professionals I now call "MY FRIENDS" and the only landscapers I will ever consider using. Please accept this short note as another thank you for an incredible job well done.

Your knowledge of the Hill Country area coupled with your unmatched work ethic makes you the very best.

Tim Puglisi ( Homeowner, Vistas at Mountain Spring Ranch, Canyon Lake )