The Big Picture

We look at the whole job, from the ground up. For example, pretty flower beds won’t last if your those beds don’t drain correctly. Do you have gutters? This affects planting and bed construction. How does your yard drain? This affects bed location and turf installation. Like a house, if the slab is off, so is the rest of the structure. Your yard is the same.


Hard Work and Dedication

We moved to Texas in June of 2006 and were lucky enough to find a home we liked that was under construction in Ensenada Shores. We moved in before the landscaping and irrigation system was finished so we got to see the hard work and dedication of Woods Landscaping owners and crew as they finished the work.

We were so pleased with the work and the results that we contracted them to finish the landscape work around the rest of the property after the pool, cabana and boat garage were finished. One of the best qualities of this company is the owner, Craig and his son Matt. They never stop until the job is done to their professional standards. They don’t stop when the project is done either – they keep coming back and checking to make sure everything is perfect.

We would not hesitate to have them do additional work for us, or to recommend them to other homeowners.

Marilyn and Bob Ruth ( Ensenada Shores, Canyon Lake, Texas )