The Big Picture

We look at the whole job, from the ground up. For example, pretty flower beds won’t last if your those beds don’t drain correctly. Do you have gutters? This affects planting and bed construction. How does your yard drain? This affects bed location and turf installation. Like a house, if the slab is off, so is the rest of the structure. Your yard is the same.


The landscaping provided the missing piece.

I want to take this opportunity to tell you how pleased my wife and I are with the landscaping you did for us at our home in Rebecca Creek Ranch. The concept was great. We had several people propose landscape plans to us before we contacted you, and none of them really hit us. The layout in the front of the house provided a bit of a challenge, but the plan you came up with was just right. I also appreciate the careful consideration you give to the drainage and the way you incorporate that into the overall landscape plan.

We also appreciated the way you worked with us on the plant selection. Our desire to use all local natives caused you to have to make some significant changes in from what you had proposed originally, and you came up with what we thought was a very good selection and arrangement that met all our requirements for natives.

The rock work is key to your plan, and I have to say your guys did an excellent job with the rock walls and the dry river.

We're also really glad we decided to go with the drip irrigation system. That has worked really well, and with it tied into our rainwater tank we're able to take good care of the plants with no effort and a very conservative way as far as water usage.

All of it put together is just what we needed. We had designed our own house, and it was just what we wanted, but something was missing. The landscape provided the missing piece. You and Matt were great to work with and your guys did a great job.

Barry and Judy Brupbacher ( Rebecca Creek Ranch )