When Choosing an Irrigation Contractor:

  1. Check vendor’s status with TECQ.COM
  2. Ask for references
  3. Contact BBB
  4. Do they use water conservation methods (e.g., drip, hydro-zoning, matched precipitation nozzles)?
  5. Are they licensed to install and inpect correct backflow systems?
  6. Ask if they adjust GPM per zone and watering times per zone at different stages of growth.
  7. Do they do repairs?
  8. State law requires one year warranty. Will they be around to service your installation?
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General maintenance

All plant needs are unique. Pruning depends on when the plant blooms, and whether they are annuals, perennials, evergreen, the type of tree, and weather conditions.

Lawn Care

Generally, the best time to renovate a lawn is in the Spring. This is the best time of year to compact, aerate, apply course sand, and top-dress your lawn, if needed. New topsoil should be applied in gradual increments.


The first step is to find a state-licensed contractor. The state requires all irrigation contractors to be licensed, as well as a licensed backflow inspector. This protects you as well as the water quality in your area.

Dry spots could be caused by improper water coverage, inadequate amount of soil over rock, close proximity to concrete and asphalt. Ask a qualified landscaper for a system evaluation.


What our customers are saying....

Hard Work and Dedication
We moved to Texas in June of 2006 and were lucky enough to find a home we liked that was under construction in Ensenada Shores. We moved in before the landscaping and irrigation system was finished so we got to see the hard work and dedication of Woods Landscaping owners and crew as they fi...
Marilyn and Bob Ruth
The landscaping provided the missing piece.
I want to take this opportunity to tell you how pleased my wife and I are with the landscaping you did for us at our home in Rebecca Creek Ranch. The concept was great. We had several people propose landscape plans to us before we contacted you, and none of them really hit us. The layout in th...
Barry and Judy Brupbacher
For The Love Of Nature
We consider Craig and Matt friends who share our love of nature. They are true professionals who worked closely with us to insure that our dream and vision was achieved. Thanks for a wonderful job well done!
Joe and Pat Massucci
Impressed With the Beauty
When we were ready to build our retirement home in the Hill Country, we were fortunate enough to find Wood Landscaping to do our work on the grounds. Craig and Matt are extremely knowledgeable about the plants and trees in this area and agreed with our point of view perfectly. Craig was the de...
Bob and Coco Brennan
Completely amazed!
Craig, you will recall what a challenge the job presented after the construction of my new home. Your approach to analyze the site step by step and develop a design that was appropriate to the house was impressive to say the least. I watched with complete amazement as you and Matt transform...
Tim Puglisi
A Better Community
Dear Mr. & Mrs. Tschudi: Many times we find that the residents of an Association are unaware of the value and importance of the individual effort, and the impact that it can have within the community. It is always a pleasure to see residents go the extra mile to do their part and take an act...
Karen Murphy

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