The Big Picture

We look at the whole job, from the ground up. For example, pretty flower beds won’t last if your those beds don’t drain correctly. Do you have gutters? This affects planting and bed construction. How does your yard drain? This affects bed location and turf installation. Like a house, if the slab is off, so is the rest of the structure. Your yard is the same.


The landscaping provided the missing piece.

I want to take this opportunity to tell you how pleased my wife and I are with the landscaping you did for us at our home in Rebecca Creek Ranch. The concept was great. We had several people propose landscape plans to us before we contacted you, and none of them really hit us. The layout in the front of the house provided a bit of a challenge, but the plan you came up with was just right. I also appreciate the careful consideration you give to the drainage and the way you incorporate that into the overall landscape plan.

We also appreciated the way you worked with us on the plant selection. Our desire to use all local natives caused you to have to make some significant changes in from what you had proposed originally, and you came up with what we thought was a very good selection and arrangement that met all our requirements for natives.

The rock work is key to your plan, and I have to say your guys did an excellent job with the rock walls and the dry river.

We're also really glad we decided to go with the drip irrigation system. That has worked really well, and with it tied into our rainwater tank we're able to take good care of the plants with no effort and a very conservative way as far as water usage.

All of it put together is just what we needed. We had designed our own house, and it was just what we wanted, but something was missing. The landscape provided the missing piece. You and Matt were great to work with and your guys did a great job.

Barry and Judy Brupbacher ( Rebecca Creek Ranch )

Fabulous Landscape Job!

Craig and Matt: Thank you so much for the fabulous landscape job you did for us. We do love it and enjoy it every day. It takes a special team to address the Hill Country landscape. When we moved to Canyon Lake we had no knowledge of how to manage the landscape – from the type of plant to use to all the drainage issues that come from living on a bluff.

We were fortunate to have a neighbor recommend Wood Landscaping. Craig listened to our desires and needs, and drew up a landscape plan that actually reflected them!

Craig and his son Matt are very dedicated to their work, professional, conscientious and a pleasure to work with. They continue to impress us with their attention to detail and dedication even after the work has been completed. Our landscaping is just beautiful and gives us pleasure every day.

We highly recommend Wood Landscaping ... they stand by their product!

Sally Baie ( Canyon Lake, Texas )

Hard Work and Dedication

We moved to Texas in June of 2006 and were lucky enough to find a home we liked that was under construction in Ensenada Shores. We moved in before the landscaping and irrigation system was finished so we got to see the hard work and dedication of Woods Landscaping owners and crew as they finished the work.

We were so pleased with the work and the results that we contracted them to finish the landscape work around the rest of the property after the pool, cabana and boat garage were finished. One of the best qualities of this company is the owner, Craig and his son Matt. They never stop until the job is done to their professional standards. They don’t stop when the project is done either – they keep coming back and checking to make sure everything is perfect.

We would not hesitate to have them do additional work for us, or to recommend them to other homeowners.

Marilyn and Bob Ruth ( Ensenada Shores, Canyon Lake, Texas )

For The Love Of Nature

We consider Craig and Matt friends who share our love of nature. They are true professionals who worked closely with us to insure that our dream and vision was achieved. Thanks for a wonderful job well done!

Joe and Pat Massucci ( Ensenada Shores, Canyon Lake, Texas )

Impressed With the Beauty

When we were ready to build our retirement home in the Hill Country, we were fortunate enough to find Wood Landscaping to do our work on the grounds. Craig and Matt are extremely knowledgeable about the plants and trees in this area and agreed with our point of view perfectly. Craig was the designer, and a more artistic and thoughtful architect you could not find anywhere.

We were interested in someone who shared our idea that the plantings should be mostly native, not just so that we would have very little maintenance (which is very true), but also because we moved to this area because we already loved the natural state of it and wanted to preserve and protect it as much as possible.

Matt designed the irrigation system so that the initial planting would benefit from the extra water, but also so that we could expand when we were ready to do other areas The system was designed to be sensitive to the major concern of everyone living and working in the Hill Country – water conservation.

Our landscaped areas are thriving and everyone who comes to visit us or lives on our street has been impressed with the beauty of the design and how well it fits with our house as well as the natural areas around us. We recently expanded our plantings to another area of our property where we wanted to more clearly define our lot line, but also wanted to be sure that it blended into the natural plants, didn't interfere with the wildlife and also that it wasn't obvious at first glance.

We are very happy with the results, to say the least. We have often told the Woods that we wished everyone involved in our building process worked the way they did: they were the only ones who did what they said they were going to do, when they said they were going to do it!

Bob and Coco Brennan ( Mystic Shores, Spring Branch, Texas )

Completely amazed!

Craig, you will recall what a challenge the job presented after the construction of my new home. Your approach to analyze the site step by step and develop a design that was appropriate to the house was impressive to say the least. I watched with complete amazement as you and Matt transformed this challenge in to the best looking yard in my subdivision!

While I thanked you in person, somehow that is not enough to properly express my appreciation for the outstanding landscaping.

Now and then I meet people who clearly enjoy their profession. Most often this is due to the fact that they enjoy what they do everyday. I don't know how you assembled such a talented group of folks all of whom are professional and obviously enjoy what they do.

In a few words, you and Matt are two of the most professional business people I have ever met. You absolutely didn't miss a single detail. That includes your quality plan, attention to detail, professional employees and outstanding follow up after the job.

Most of all, I met two fine and dedicated professionals I now call "MY FRIENDS" and the only landscapers I will ever consider using. Please accept this short note as another thank you for an incredible job well done.

Your knowledge of the Hill Country area coupled with your unmatched work ethic makes you the very best.

Tim Puglisi ( Homeowner, Vistas at Mountain Spring Ranch, Canyon Lake )

A Better Community

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Tschudi: Many times we find that the residents of an Association are unaware of the value and importance of the individual effort, and the impact that it can have within the community. It is always a pleasure to see residents go the extra mile to do their part and take an active role in making our community a better place to live for each and every member.

In this regard, we wanted to let you know that we appreciate the appearance of your yard. It is a pleasure to drive by your house. Your yard sets an example that many others should follow and we wanted to let you know that it does not go unnoticed.

Great Job!!!

Karen Murphy ( Association Mgr, The Crossing at Spring Creek Homeoweners Association, San Antonio )